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    EnviroMax Imidacloprid 200SC Termiticide & Insecticide

    For use in the management of Subterranean Termites and for the control of various Insect Pests of Cotton, Fruit, Vegetables, Turf and Ornamentals.

    EnviroMax®’s Imidacloprid “Multi-pack”, with the added benefit of termite management applications. A superior water-based product formulated with EnviroMax®’s state of the art Suspension Concentrate technology.


    • No odour 
    • No solvents 
    • Low use rates 
    • No irritancy 
    • Proven performance against damaging termites and insect pests of crops, turf and ornamental plants. 
    • Systemic action provides excellent residual control.•Long residual activity.
    • Excellent safety profile.
    • Provides highly effective treatment zones.

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